Turn Your Outdoor Shed into a Brewery!

With Craft brewing being all the rage right now, a new trend in home brewing is popping up, Outdoor Brew Sheds! Thats right, why brew in your basement or garage, when you can custom build a home brewery right in your backyard for under $5000! That’s exactly what Master Brewer & beer historian, Chris Bowen did! Chris started brewing in his basement 8 years before he deciding he needed a larger space to brew his beer in. He opted to purchase an acre of land in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that housed an old run down wooden shed. The 24 x 14 outdoor shed was then custom remodeled into what is now known as, HammerSmith Alehouse & Brewery.

Brew Shed by Master Brewer Chris Bowen

The brewery contains a sophisticated microbrew system, the Savant Brewery System, which was custom built by Chris and now under patent review. The system turns out 10-gallon batches of beer which can match the mineral content of water from over 70 countries. This allows Chris to produce & create historically accurate beer recipes like English Bitters, Extra Special Bitter , India Pale Ale, Old Ale and Barleywine. The outdoor shed houses Chris’s yeast laboratory, 3 stainless steel sinks plus workspace, 4 refrigerators, and a pub which is complete with TV & wireless internet.

Chris Bowen is a Beer Historian who specializes in beer recipes and recreations from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. His influences are the British, German, & American cultures. www.HammerSmithAles.com

If  you’d like to turn your outdoor garden shed into something really cool, then check out this post, Get Inspired! 8 Creative Solutions For Outdoor Sheds, this site offers several affordable brands to help you get your DIY brew-shed project off to a great start!



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